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With the rise in the popularity and ease of use of Content Management Systems (CMS), it’s now even more so that literally anyone can start their own web-based business. In fact with all the money changing hands online and the speed at which it happens, starting an online business is perhaps the best way anyone can get in on the e-commerce action and make a good buck. Digital products are the easiest to sell, like e-books or memberships to sites – particularly e-books though. It’s really much easier than what you might think and you don’t even have to have any expert-level coding knowledge.

While most people are aware of how to construct a sales page through Content Management Systems such as WordPress and the like, many are still in the dark as to the payment processing solutions they have at their disposal. These are perhaps even easier to integrate into your sales page than designing the sales page itself. Yes, you may have design templates available to you through whatever CMS you’re using, but it does take a bit of tweaking and adjusting to get the sales page looking professional and attracting customers who’ll be enticed to actually go and buy your product. There’s also the small matter of coming up with killer sales copy, but that along with the graphics for your sales page can be bought at very cheap rates via platforms such as UpWork and perhaps Fiverr. Your only challenge would be to separate the average service providers from the good ones and the only way to really do that is through testing the sales page when it finally goes live.

As far as the payment processing options you have though, there are a few main ones which will pretty much make sure you’re able to cater to buyers from all over the world.


PayPal remains the world favourite in online payment processing solutions, despite the fact that it isn’t fully available to internet users and potential buyers of your product or service from all over the world. To embed a “buy now” or “pay now” button in your sales page, it’s simply a matter of following the on-screen instructions of how to generate the button. It’s really just a few clicks of the mouse button and some Content Management Systems allow you to do this from within your What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface through which you create your websites/sales page.

PayPal also has the convenience of allowing buyers to pay with their credit cards or debit cards, with that famous green lock in the task bar catering to any security concerns they may have.


Previously AlertPay, Payza pretty much plugs those gaps left by PayPal, by way of the support it offers to people from all over the world. PayPal ordinarily allows all people to make payments (so you’d be able to accept payments from people from all over the world), but it still doesn’t allow everybody from all over the world to receive money. The disadvantage of that is that some people who would otherwise have earned money online would then not be able to buy your product with that money they earned online. Payza doesn’t seem to be delivering on the promise it showed back in its days of operating as AlertPay however. It really isn’t that popular compared to PayPal, even with all its limitations, but if you want to make sure you make provision for every potential buyer to be able to complete their payment and purchase your product, perhaps Payza is a good option to add alongside PayPal.


Previously operating as Moneybookers, this is another great way to accept payments for products you sell online. You’ll have to be a serious online business to be able to generate the equivalent of the “buy now” or “pay now” buttons made available by PayPal and Payza though.


This mobile payment gateway pretty much plugs the rest of the holes and allows buyers to pay for your product by sending a generated keyword or key-phrase to an SMS short code allocated to you. The fees are steep with this option, but it’s a great way to sell digital products online.

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