Delivering Good Business Customer Service

A business’s delivery service plays a key role in a customer’s experience with a company. Digitally-connected consumers are demanding more choice and flexibility from their delivery options. 51% of consumers have abandoned their online orders due to poor options for delivery and they don’t want to spend a large amount on postage.

So how can you give your customers a positive experience with your delivery service offer?

Delivery Strategy

Having a strong business strategy for your delivery services can help you stay ahead of the competition. You may not be able to compete with the low-priced postage offered by business conglomerates, but by offering plenty of choice for delivery you’re responding to what the customer wants, thus promoting a positive customer experience.

For example, offering delivery at an exact time and day will appeal to the busy lifestyles of your customers, who may not have the time to wait at home for a parcel or physically go to a post office to collect it. Making sure your delivery is easy and convenient will encourage repeat purchases as your customers will be more likely to buy from your business again.

Save on Packaging

Your business can reduce postage costs simply by saving on packaging. Here are a few easy ways to do this:

  • Avoid using too much packaging unnecessarily when packing your orders.
  • If possible, send multiple items in one parcel when a customer has purchased more than one item.
  • Offer postage deals for those who spend over a certain amount. That way, you can benefit from increased sales without spending much more on packaging and delivery costs.

By saving money on your postage and packaging costs, you can offer your customers a better and cheaper deal for their deliveries.

Consult the Experts

If your parcel is too big to send through the normal delivery network then you may need to use a specialist service, such as TNT. They provide a special courier service for large, heavy or bulky items that need to be delivered safely, securely and at a reasonable price. They even have tracking options available so that you, and your customer, can monitor a parcel’s journey to its destination.

Just remember that there are some size and weight restrictions when delivering parcels so you must check the guidelines to avoid any delays or surcharges.

Trends show that customers value a good delivery service when they’re purchasing from online stores. They want cheap, fast delivery and they want plenty of options to choose from. Use our top tips to make sure you deliver a positive experience for your customers and you will increase your chances of them returning to make repeat purchases.

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