5 Lead Generation Strategies Which Will Save Your Business Money

Online lead generation is cutting edge digital marketing designed to reduce business overhead and generate quality conversions. Many businesses use it to step away from outdated interruption-based marketing practices such as cold calling, but it’s also highly effective in keeping costs low by ensuring highly proactive consumers are target for a higher chance of a conversion.

Online lead generation can take dozens of forms, but it’s all aimed towards capturing high-quality, proactive prospects who want to hear from your business. The advent of the internet has ensured such a possibility is available to businesses large and small, and these are the techniques in place which can help brands increase conversion rates and meet KPIs within their budget.

  1. Content Marketing & Web Design

Compelling copy is central to lead generation as it connects with an audience and convinces them to make an enquiry. This is the basis of any lead generation strategy and, when complemented by the right web design practices, can capture interest consistently.

No matter what industry you’re in, content can be used to your advantage. Whether you’re attempting to gain the attention of consumers, or if you’re looking to generate leads through financial marketing services, content marketing can cut straight to your target audience and get generating enquiries.

As a result, copy should be bold, compelling, concise, and emotive. It should generate interest by providing a dense amount of copy which serves its purpose – convinces customers to act on their impulses and see out a sale.

Your website should be full of this type of copy, but it’s also important to have smaller amounts to cater for your other lead generation tactics, such as SEO (covered further below).

  1. Forms

Allied with your content marketing efforts, a lead generation form can quickly and easily get the enquiries rolling in from relevant customers.

Typically, they consist of a few cues to enter data, but the trick is to keep the form concise. Don’t overdo the fields which need entering – an email address and name section is likely that will all be required.

Adding to your web design, these can then be placed across your website (as opposed to just one page – maximise your opportunities) to create enquiries which are from genuine customers. It’s a proven lead generation tactic and will ensure you have a perfect opportunity to generate leads. If you need some help, these 21 examples will provide solid guidance in getting your forms setup.

  1. Email marketing

Once you have a database of clients, this flexible approach to lead generation can be deployed several times a month. Reach your audience at the right time with the right message and you can generate extra interest with compelling campaigns. Email marketing seems to be more cost-effective than other marketing plans. You could also view the results of this method for free by using tools such as Google Analytics.

Email marketing doesn’t take a huge amount of time, either. Simply put together a brief email message, and you update your established customers on the full extent of your services, a new product you have, and anything else you think is worthwhile. However, it can sometimes be difficult to send emails to every single person on your list. In such cases, you can take assistance from agencies such as Simplelists, who can help you schedule your emails and plan your email list accordingly. A quick search online for ’email management companies’ should lead you to the simplelists website or any other similar company’s page.

  1. SEO

Search engine optimisation is a free form of lead generation which can reach your target audience by capturing key search ranking positions. In its most basic form, you can structure meta tags (your title tags and meta descriptions) with the keywords you need to reach your target audience. Website copy can also be used to include keywords which will ensure you’re going to get ranking near the top of Google’s SERPs.

You can do some free keyword research at Google Keyword Planner and use tools such as Yoast SEO (if WordPress is your CMS) to structure on-site copy with the right optimisation techniques. This advanced guide to SEO from Quick Sprout is an excellent way to get to grips with the techniques you’ll need to make SEO work for you.

  1. Hold competitions and promotions

Lead generation doesn’t have to be ultra-serious all the time. The likes of competitions and promotions, whilst involving giving away free some of your products or services for free, are a fantastic way to attract new customers.

This is especially true if you hold competitions across social media, where the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can generate a lot of engagement and introduce your company to a much wider audience. If you’re new to social media, this beginner’s guide to holding a competition will help you along the path towards social and lead generating success.

Social media itself, on a final note, is another useful lead generation tactic. Make sure your accounts are properly optimised and you have another way of reaching your audience.

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