4 Ways SEO Can Help Your Business

This is something that you may not have heard of before, or you may have heard about it but not know too much about it. Well, I’ve decided to investigate it a bit more and find out why you should invest in SEO and how it can actually help your business. I’ve come up with a list of 4 reasons why your business should definitely consider investing in organic SEO.

  1. It Absolutely Works

This is one that a lot of people actually think isn’t true. The techniques that are employed to improve SEO still work. There’s tonnes of data out there regarding organic traffic from Google and they show that the techniques regularly employed do work. Also, the way that search engines are developing at the minute, it’s unlikely that SEO will become ineffective anytime soon. At the moment, both video and audio searches rely almost solely on keywords in the same way that traditional text-based content does.

  1. Return on Investment

The beauty of SEO is that it’s absolutely a trackable service. It provides quantifiable results whether you’re an e-commerce site or not so when it comes to ROI, there’s no qualms as almost every aspect of an SEO strategy like ranking positions, changes in traffic and conversions can all be tracked which means you can have an almost complete overview of your strategy and how it’s helping your site to perform. This is just an overview too, there’s so much more functionality that allows you to work down to a more granular level to see what’s going on behind the scenes like what paths users take to complete a sale and what keywords people have searched in order to find your site.

  1. Google Sees 100 Billion Monthly Searches

This is a staggering amount of searches to be processed each month. From “SEO services in Manchester” and “how can SEO help my small London business” to “restaurants near me” and “what is the weather in Berlin”, there’s simply billions of variations of keywords and phrases that get searched and some are the most obscure things ever. But, imagine you can get 0.000001% of those one hundred billion monthly searches, that’s 1,000-people landing on your site.

If you’re in a competitive niche and you utilised SEO correctly, you could reap great benefits for your business. Added to this, Google apparently doesn’t know 15% of queries received on a daily basis. That’s a staggering amount of searches performed daily that Google doesn’t know, just imagine how many of those searches could be relevant to your business that you could look to monetise and profit from. This is where SEO can help you.

  1. Your Competitors are Doing it

If this one isn’t enough to get you even considering investing in SEO then I don’t know what will convince you. Yes, that’s right, your competitors are doing SEO and they’re already pulling away from you and benefitting from it. If you ignore SEO for too long, your competitors will build a head of steam and start to massively pull away from you. If you’re doing SEO but you’re not moving forward and improving your position, this isn’t good.

You should be sitting down with your SEO agency and you need to be planning and plotting on how you can continue to improve your site’s online presence in order not to get left behind by competitors. SEO is a never-ending process and you should always be looking for ways to improve.

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