How Can Stay-at-Home Moms Earn Some Extra Money?

Being a stay-at-home mom is more than a full-time job. However, now when entrepreneurs need little to no infrastructure to start their companies, stay-at-home moms can also earn some extra money on the side while raising their families.

The key to accomplishing this goal is choosing a side gig that can be done on your own time and without too many overwhelming schedules and deadlines. If it’s possible, try to choose jobs that can later be turned into full-time careers if necessary.


Modern business is truly global and, at this point, almost every company needs someone to help them communicate with their foreign markets. This creates an opportunity for translators, especially those who not only speak foreign languages but have at least some knowledge about the industry they plan to work in.

The difference in time zones and the nature of the work itself allows stay-at-home moms to do this work at their own pace. There are still deadlines that you’ll have to meet, but they can always be set by you and in a way that doesn’t disturb your home life. The best part is that applying for a job as a translator is no more burdensome. You can register yourself on a job portal, after which you need to upload your resume–make sure to have one written by the specialists like the ones at ARC Resumes. Your resume would be the only way through which you can communicate your qualifications and your work experience in this field. This would further help you to get better opportunities. Once you are done uploading your resume, it is time for you to start applying for the most relevant employment options. You have to be mindful to be on time during virtual interviews and follow up after every session.

Virtual assistants

Most companies these days don’t have a traditional office infrastructure or an office of any kind. The employees are scattered around the world and the business relies on good assistants and modern technology to keep the company running without the employees ever meeting in real life.

Those who have worked as real-life assistants or those who are able to follow deadlines, talk to coworkers in a pleasant but firm manner will be great in this role, because it’s basically the same as being a traditional office manager, just with new communication tech added in.

Doing online surveys

Customer data is the most important currency in the modern business world. Everyone wants to know what their customers are thinking and doing, especially in relations to the company. That’s what makes surveys and direct communication with the customer base so important.

Answering paid surveys online is, therefore, a great job for stay-at-home moms, because all it takes is using the services of a particular company and answering a few questions about them. Those who are able to articulate themselves in a clear and interesting way will do great on this job.


There’s one simple rule that you should follow in order to make your blog stand out from millions of others out there. Write about what you know and someone will read it. The appeal of online blogging is the chance to read someone who has hands-on experience with a subject or topic.

It takes a bit before a blogging audience can be monetized but, if you write well and if you’re diligent, that day will come at some point. It’s important to be honest with the readers about the sponsorships you have and the money you’re making by writing.

Car sharing apps

Car sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber have changed transportation in big cities and, in some cases, even put traditional taxi cabs out of business. Everyone with a car and enough free time can become a paid driver just by downloading an app.

It’s a simple way to earn extra income, especially if you have kids that go to school. It allows you to use this time in a productive way, sometimes even while you’re doing some personal errands.

Index funds

Investing in index funds is the simplest way to make passive income. That’s well-suited to the needs of young moms because there’s not that much to be done once the investment is made. The brokers are those who handle the day-to-day tasks of your investments and you’re just there to make the calls when needed.

These investments won’t yield results right away. For the most part, it will take a few years before you see profits from the investments you’ve made, but that’s what’s appealing about index funds in the first place – the money you have saved becomes an asset instead of just savings.


Stay-at-home moms can earn extra income by picking up a few online jobs. These need to be something that can be done without taking you away from your family and kids.

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