Perfect Results for the Proper Safety Measure During Parcel Sending

Each item to be shipped, depending on the size, must be packed in a box, envelope, Jiffy or special courier packaging. Unpackaged items are not accepted.

What data should I specify on the parcel?

When ordering the parcel delivery service on the ParcelABC website, you will be asked to indicate your address and address of the consignee, contact phone numbers and other necessary information, as well as print the provided Clearing documents – securely attach them in a clearly visible place.

How to properly pack the parcel?

ParcelABC accepts only packages that are securely packaged and prepared for the courier. The content of the parcel must be protected by special materials (granular foam, bubble wrap, air cushion, cardboard liner, strong paper or foam plates) and placed in a sturdy box. If the package is not properly packaged, the courier can refuse to pick it up. If the content of the parcel is not sufficiently protected, you lose any opportunity to complain and receive compensation for the damaged parcel. For more comprehensive advice on packing the package, look in the box “Packaging Tips” in the “Help” section.


The following are tips for proper packaging and examples of packages to avoid. Remember that the sender is responsible for the proper packing of the parcel. Due to poor packaging, you may lose the right to compensation if the parcel during delivery is damaged. For the Parcel to Russia this is very important now.


  • Use strong boxes with reliable walls. Remember that during transit, the parcel is loaded one on top of another, so the package must withstand the weight of other parcels.
  • Use the packaging that corresponds to the size of the content being sent. Incomplete boxes can crumple, overloaded – tear.
  • For all your parcels, use only good quality packaging materials. Evaluate the strength of the box, choose high-quality, well-formed boxes made of corrugated cardboard. For fragile items, use boxes with thicker walls than usual.

Use materials that protect against impact – granular foam, bubble wrap, air cushion, cardboard, strong paper or foam plates – they will not allow the content of the package to move inside

Secure the box or other packaging with adhesive tape.

  • Fragile, beating objects should be placed in the center of the box, so that they do not touch the walls. To fill an empty place near the edges, use bubble wrap or foam granules.
  • Fat or strong odor materials are packaged in an impermeable bag and covered, and then placed in a box or other packaging. Remember, bad packaging can damage nearby objects or other parcels.
  • Powder and fine grains are poured into a durable plastic bag, securely seal it and only then pack in a wooden box.

When sending items with sharp edges, make sure that they are well protected. For this purpose boxes of strong cardboard are especially suitable. Protective materials are well attached so that during transportation they do not accidentally move.

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