Your Essential Guide to Planning Consultants and How They Can Really Help You

Buying or investing in that perfect piece of property is not as easy as you may think, especially if you are planning a more extensive property development scheme. The real estate market is rife with competition, and you need to make sure that your investment pays off in the end. Property planning is a complicated undertaking, and it’s an endeavour best delved into with the experts. This is where a planning consultant comes in.

A planning consultant can give you the relevant and updated advice you need on the development of any piece of property. He may be reached for advice on residential construction in Yorkshire, commercial construction in Denver and even for industrial construction in Brighton (depending on where their service is needed and for what). But what else should you know about planning consultants and their purpose? Here’s your essential guide to planning consultants – and how they can really help you.

What a planning consultant can do for you

  • They can give you important advice on applications for property planning, and they can also prepare and submit the application on your behalf
  • They can lodge an appeal with the relevant authority in case the planning permission has been refused
  • They can advise you on prospective opportunities for property development, particularly through thorough appraisals of various sites and feasibility studies on property development
  • They can represent your interests in case of a public inquiry
  • They can prepare assessments on the environmental impact of a development, and they can create studies on urban design and master plans
  • They can do research on various policies related to your proposed development, and they can handle public consultations as well as deal with notices of enforcement

Planning consultants have increasingly become necessary in property development, especially since the planning system in the UK has become even more complicated in recent years. Even if you are sufficiently sure that your project will be a success, you still have to deal with the actual process of application, which involves dealing with officers and committees, levies on community infrastructure, and even appeals if necessary – and all this can be handled efficiently by experienced and qualified planning consultants.

When a planning consultant really proves useful

Of course, there are many occasions where the expertise of a planning consultant is necessary since they are always up-to-date with different planning policies and can give you the additional advice you need before delving into an investment. Planning consultants are particularly useful if you are still assessing the potential for the development of a piece of property or area and having a feasibility study conducted even before you purchase a piece of property is definitely worth it. You could even consult real estate development managers like Lincoln Frost and others. Getting in touch with such people could help you secure funds for the project eventually.

Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to have a planning consultant with you right at the onset – even before you decide to buy property – so they can advise you on whether or not a site is worth buying. What may look like a ‘safe’ and ‘hassle-free’ investment to you may turn out to be a mistake in the end, and only a proficient planning consultant will be able to tell the difference.

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