How to Save Money and Stay Happy Each Month

Do you think that saving money is a traumatic experience? If yes, you have probably never tried saving the right way. Today, we will tell you how exactly to save from your paycheck without living like a miser.

But before we start, remember that simply saving is not enough. You also have to ensure that you are investing your money the right way. For those who love entertaining options to use their extra cash, there is Summon your luck to find the best opportunities!

Check you’re getting the best price

Always check price comparison sites like Only Reviews to get the best possible deals on whatever products you need to buy. When you purchase products blindly, you often end up buying products that are unnecessarily more expensive.

Save automatically

As soon as you receive your check in the bank account, transfer some amount immediately to your emergency account. You can set up an automated transfer as well. Money in hand can always be spent in different pursuits. However, if you save some money right when you get your paycheck, it will be easier to have an emergency fund without breaking the bank.

Use the 24-hour rule

Want to buys something? Are you craving for something- some pastries or a new dress that you may not need? Simply follow the 24-hour rule. In the next 24 hours, your cravings will likely be gone and you could always save some money in the process.

Add to cart, but don’t buy

This technique is used by several hundred individuals who either want to get discounts on products or simply want to delay their purchases, so as to make better buying choices. To do this, add everything that you want in the cart of an ecommerce website but don’t but it yet. Before leaving the website, review your cart once and remove everything that you may not need. After this, all you have to do is wait. Within the next 1 to 3 days, you will either lose the craving to buy the stuff or get an amazing discount deal from the website.

Brown bag lunch

Always make sure that you brown bag your lunch. This tested and tried method helps you save money, stay away from junk food and eat healthier too. There is another hidden benefit of brown bagging lunch. To do so, you always have to buy fresh fruits and vegetables which are always cheaper than the burger you buy every day. Plus, it will let you cook at home as well, which is a healthy habit. The overall cost of energy, veggies etc. will still total to be far less than the amount you pay for lunch each month.

For more tips on saving smart, start reading daily!

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