The Financial Industry’s Jet Streams

For those of you who might not know, jet streams are powerful “rivers” of air which occur very high up in the earth’s atmosphere and they’re very significant to hot air ballooners in particular as this allows them to travel at insane speeds and cover great distances. One Sir Richard Branson would probably be able to tell you all about them, but jet streams also have great uses for the likes of weather balloons and could perhaps be used for wind energy generation if someone could find an efficient way to build turbine generators that far up into the sky.

Now, when it comes to the analogy as it applies in the financial sector, jet streams are pretty much high flung pockets of opportunity – great opportunity, with everything that applies around that implied of course.

Basically it’s a matter of needing some kind of primary help to get to those jet streams and I’m not just talking about the biggest of opportunities the financial sector has to offer. Even for the most basic of services which are offered by the financial sector, as a human being you need some help accessing them. Many of these financial services are mandatory for your mere survival and if there is no one in your life to give you that much-needed leg up, things can get pretty tough as time moves along. You run the risk of getting left behind and the more time lapses while you’re still lagging behind, the harder it gets to try and catch up.

In many countries where the leaders demonstrate the political will to help out their citizens with the most basic of needs, one can indeed get that much-needed leg up from their government institutions and it goes way beyond the basic necessities of the financial services sector such as getting help opening up a bank account or getting your residential address officially confirmed, as well as things like organising your identity documents. If you go through the official structures to comply with the regulations, you could very well find yourself with a lot more meaningful questions to ask yourself, such as what is ytd on my paycheck?

If you ever find yourself asking questions such as these it means you have the time and the means in your hands to make that push to perhaps try and reach the jet streams of the financial industry, where you can really be coining it for absolutely nothing.

So the major take-away from this post is that any advancement up the financial ladder requires some sort of initial assistance and often that assistance comes from your parental figures in your life. They put you through school and pay for so many other things so that one day you could perhaps dream of making a dash for the jet streams of the financial sector, where things can get really lucrative for you.

The key to scaling the greatest of these heights though is nothing but compliance, which in itself costs a bit of money, unfortunately.

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